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This page has been changed. Please refer to for the latest changes.

You will receive an email alert immediately whenever a sensor detects a problem (e.g., the site is down or the response time is too slow (timeout)). For iMacros Sensor alerts, the email also contains a screenshot of the website, taken with a real IE or Firefox web browser when the error was detected. You see exactly what your users saw.

You will receive another notification when the site is up again.

Note: With AlertFox V3.0 more advanced notifications are available (see Contacts).

Notifications are sent from and - Please make sure that this address is not blocked by your spam filter(s).

Select which user account receives alerts (notifications) and reports.
Sample alert email. It contains all basic information and links to your online Alertfox account for further information.

Add, edit or remove up to five user accounts (PRO versions). See also Contacts for the different alerting options.

AlertFox notifications in the Email for mobile format on an Android handset.