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Sensor Settings

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This page describes general sensor settings.

General Settings


A name for your sensor.

Monitoring Enabled

If enabled, measurements are taken and alerts are sent for the sensor.

Monitored URL

The website to check (for HTTP Sensor and FTP Sensor).


How often the check is done.


The timeout value is the maximum test runtime. AlertFox stops the measurement if a page takes too long to load or the total macro run time exceeds the limits below. A timeout is treated as a website error and an alert message is triggered.

Here are the maximum timeout limits that you can specify depending on account type and sensor interval.

  • All intervals other than 5-minute sensors:
    • Free, Limited Trial: 60 seconds
    • PRO3 30-day Trial: 180 seconds
    • PRO1, PRO2, PRO3: 180 seconds
  • 5-minute sensors: 150 seconds

First and Second Limit

The first and second limit are given as a percentage of the timeout value (see above). Unlike the timeout value, they do not influence the monitoring itself. They are used only for the coloring of the performance chart. The Average response time within a given hour is compared against the 1st and 2nd limit. If the website takes longer to respond than the first limit, the color of the box changes from green to orange. Beyond the second limit (but less than the timeout value), it becomes red. A timeout is indicated with brown.

First and second limit.png

Number of Retries

How often to retry after a failure. The recommended setting for most use cases is 1. Retries are performed immediatly (within 1 minute) after a failure and are always tested on a different monitoring server.

Public Access

Allows public access to the sensor graphics. This is useful for sharing data with others or for embedding it on your website or dashboard.

When this flag is checked, the sensor overview table contains a URL that points to the public graph page for this sensor. You can copy & paste this URL on your website, blog or internal company dashboard page.

Example URL:

See also Public Reports


A text field for you to enter some notes about the sensor.


For the classic monitoring all zones are tested at the same time.


  • 9:05AM US + EU + Asia
  • 9:10AM US + EU + Asia
  • 9:15AM US + EU + Asia

Test Now

The Test Now button is a unique feature of AlertFox. All sensors have a "Test Now" button that allows you to trigger a real test immediately. This facilitates the sensor setup. It is especially useful for creating transaction monitoring sensors.

Test sensor now.png

For iMacros Sensors, the measurement is queued for execution on one of our transaction monitoring servers.

See Also

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